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Jenkins OSS LTS 1.532.3

New Features


Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-21183

NPE from xstream.core.JVM.isOpenJDK

Major JENKINS-21023

WorkspaceCleanupThread does not handle folders

Major JENKINS-21024

Miscellaneous exceptions in config.xml can prevent entire job from loading

Major JENKINS-21639

Jobs named "." can be created, but not built, configured, accessed, ...

Major JENKINS-20345

ZIP file download generates corrupt zip file

Major JENKINS-21820

Update credentials plugin to 1.9.4

Major JENKINS-19446

Deadlock while parallel deletion/rename of jobs

Major JENKINS-22347

Allow Jenkins to download JDK8

Major JENKINS-20892

/{view,computer,user}//builds & /job//buildTimeTrend block HTTP response on build record loading

Major JENKINS-20534

Pegged CPU by writeSymlink calls

Minor JENKINS-21457

Replace description in error dialog instead of appending

Minor JENKINS-17606

Copy Artifact's fingerprinting creates second hudson.tasks.Fingerprinter_-FingerprintAction section with just the artifacts copied

Minor JENKINS-21254

/login offers link to /opensearch.xml which anonymous users cannot retrieve

Minor JENKINS-19826

Apply button does not work in IE Compat View


Plugins with ≥1 functional test and a ≥1.536 dep would sometimes fail during clean builds due to a race condition in WarExploder.

Minor JENKINS-21292

Do not attempt to parse blank responses from cancelled XHR POST requests

Minor JENKINS-7866

junit report test count graph has wrong colours

Known issues