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Jenkins OSS LTS 1.532.2

New Features

Major JENKINS-16936

Extension point for secure users of REST API. See the Secure Requester Whitelist plugin.

Major JENKINS-20023

Make CLI interface help more accesible

Minor JENKINS-19004

Channel's executorService's pool should have a name

Minor JENKINS-8856

Better diagnosability for remoting StreamCorruptedException.


Added @DataBoundSetter annotation for easier compatibility when changing fields in a form-bound object.


Support indexed annotations (like @Restricted) on constructors.

Resolved issues

Major Security advisory

Several security vulnerabilities were fixed.

Major JENKINS-12629

Using jenkins-cli connecting to HTTPS port fails due to hostname mismatch in certificate

Major JENKINS-18678

Builds disappear some time after renaming job

Major JENKINS-20951

CannotResolveClassException breaks loading of entire containing folder, not just one job

Major JENKINS-20128

HTTP two-way remoting does not work (jenkins-cli.jar without JNLP)

Major JENKINS-8815

you cannot use the cli without giving Overall read to Anonymous

Major JENKINS-20800

HTML metacharacters not escaped in log messages

Major JENKINS-14336

Too many open files upon HTTP listener init or shutdown

Major JENKINS-19622

PeriodicWork can block timer thread; use ScheduledExecutorService instead

Major JENKINS-20163

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: sun/net/www/protocol/jar/JarURLConnection

Major JENKINS-20415

ListView.expand throws ClassCastException: … cannot be cast to hudson.model.TopLevelItem

Major JENKINS-10615

Workspaces seem to be removed prematurely on concurrent jobs

Major JENKINS-19453

Slave launcher fails after NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class jenkins.model.Jenkins$MasterComputer

Major JENKINS-20442

Linkage error in InitializerFinder.discoverTasks blocks startup

Minor JENKINS-20772

'Apply' error screens don't work

Minor JENKINS-21078

Loading projects too slow because of File.isDirectory calls

Minor JENKINS-20928

l:breakable mishandles HTML metacharacters

Minor JENKINS-18410

Blocking a possible way in which test result notations in build records could break loading of those builds.

Minor JENKINS-17929

Fail to run 'groovysh' in CLI due to insufficient permission

Minor JENKINS-20902

NPE during shutdown in functional tests

Minor JENKINS-9120

RingBufferLogHandler throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException after int-overflow

Minor JENKINS-15757

Disable\Delete "Remember me on this computer" check box in login screen

Minor JENKINS-19473

Switching to official fix of jzlib bug rather than using an attempted workaround.

Minor JENKINS-20093

Start JNLP slave ignores jar-cache flag

Minor JENKINS-20074

Partial fix of misleading error messages from web container.

Minor JENKINS-13125

HTTP Content-Range Header one byte past file length and missing "bytes" unit


No longer uselessly bundling Apache Ant in the remoting JAR.

Known issues