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Jenkins OSS LTS 1.509.3

New Features


Resolved issues


Defaulting to a newer maven-hpi-plugin, needed to make plugin development work out of the box.


Updated bundled ssh-credentials as otherwise bundled ssh-slaves does not work at all. (Irrelevant for Jenkins Enterprise which was already bundling a sufficiently new version.)

Major JENKINS-4543

Manually uploaded plugins are incorrectly unpacked

Major JENKINS-17775

IllegalStateException from MavenProject.getParent can break MavenFingerprinter.recordParents

Major JENKINS-18024

NPE running matrix job

Major JENKINS-16023

Lazy loading causes massive delays after a period of inactivity when loading dashboard (keep symlinks for last failed build etc.)

Major JENKINS-18236

Computer.getUrl wrong when spaces are present (broke context menu for slaves with spaces in their name)

Major JENKINS-18352

hpi:run does not work on a bundled plugin. (Irrelevant for Jenkins Enterprise.)

Major JENKINS-18356

Incompatible signature change in 1.489: AbstractProject.doBuild

Major JENKINS-17125

FingerprintAction deserialization leads to NPE

Major JENKINS-18032

"Delete Project" link fails with 403 Exception: No valid crumb was included in the request. Also switched confirmation before deleting jobs or wiping out workspace to a dialog.

Major JENKINS-17977

Reload configuration from disk no longer works after upgrade to Jenkins 1.512.

Major JENKINS-17508

The 'Discard Old Builds' advanced option - removal of only artifacts - does not work after 1.503 for Maven projects.

Major JENKINS-16974

Build Now link on MultiJob page doesn't work

Major JENKINS-18427

Parameter descriptions need to use the (e.g. wiki) markup formatter.

Major JENKINS-5753

Standalone install does not work with Apache + mod_proxy_ajp + SSL

Major JENKINS-15309

NPE (isEmpty) from main.groovy (ListView serialization problem)

Major JENKINS-18368

Decorated Launcher Does Not Maintain "isUnix" for RemoteLauncher

Major JENKINS-18654

DependencyClassLoader#getTransitiveDependencies returns disabled plugins

Major JENKINS-16301

Fingerprint performance

Major JENKINS-17302

update view via REST API doesn't work

Major JENKINS-17681

LastSuccessful and LastStable symlinks are invalid under Windows

Major JENKINS-18918

Test harness packs copies of Maven into plugin archive

Major JENKINS-18660

10,000+ jobs tied to a label make Node index page unusably unresponsive

Major JENKINS-15587

Builds disappear from jobs - hudson.util.IOException2: Invalid directory name - java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "39"

Major JENKINS-18895

MavenModuleSetBuild.getResult is expensive

Minor JENKINS-15935

Can't build using maven 3.1.0. Not fixing in 1.509.3 but noting the issue more clearly.

Known issues