CloudBees, Inc.

Jenkins OSS LTS 1.509.1

New Features

Minor JENKINS-15340

Add 'Are you sure' on Reload configuration from disk (issue 15340)

Resolved issues

Minor JENKINS-17330

FilePath.installIfNecessaryFrom routes download over remoting channel (issue 17330)


MavenAbstractArtifactRecord.doRedeploy should require POST (SECURITY-69)

Minor JENKINS-17110

Hover-over "Build Now" broken for parameterized jobs: "This page expects a form submission" (issue 17110)


XSS issue, where an internal attacker can cause a remote stylesheet to be loaded and containing scripts executed. (SECURITY-67)


CVE-2013-1808 stapler-adjunct-zeroclipboard: XSS via copying XSS payload into buffer (SECURITY-71)


Jenkins.doEval checks ADMINISTER rather than RUN_SCRIPTS; doScript CSRF (SECURITY-63)

Minor JENKINS-17343

Jenkins is no more WinXP compliant : CreateSymbolicLinkW is not available (issue 17343)

Known issues