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Jenkins OSS LTS 1.424.1

New Features


Resolved issues

Minor JENKINS-10689

JDKInstaller fails with OutOfMemory exception (issue 10689)


XSS in Winstone (SECURITY-17)

Minor JENKINS-5271

Tools download does not appear to respect proxy settings (issue 5271)

Minor JENKINS-10030

Builds fail in JUnit test archiving (since 1.416) if specifying JDK other than the container (issue 10030)

Minor JENKINS-11110

Update Json File Signature Error (issue 11110)

Minor JENKINS-10647

SSH public key based CLI authentication added in 1.419 is broken in 1.421+ (issue 10647)

Minor JENKINS-7034

JSONException (issue 7034)

Minor JENKINS-10810

Jenkins 1.427 doesn't work on AIX (issue 10810)

Minor JENKINS-8837

Maven assembly plugin fails (issue 8837)

Minor JENKINS-10530

SNAPSHOT dependency detection not working for plugins anymore (issue 10530)

Minor JENKINS-10634

Proxy settings arent used by JDK-downloader (issue 10634)

Known issues