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Jenkins OSS LTS 1.409.2

New Features


Resolved issues

Minor JENKINS-6700

Failure in test class constructor or @Before method is not reported (was: Maven plugin doesn't set build to unstable on SurefireExecutionException) (issue 6700)

Minor JENKINS-9189

truncation or corruption of zip workspace archive from slave (issue 9189)

Minor JENKINS-8703

testSaturation-fork remoting test hangs (issue 8703)

Minor JENKINS-10346

Race condition in creating fingerprints for artifacts (issue 10346)

Minor JENKINS-8882

Slave-Squatter + Heavy-Job plugin causes many executor threads to die (issue 8882)

Minor JENKINS-10556

Auto Install JDK asks for Oracle account, but the link goes 404 (issue 10556)

Known issues