CloudBees, Inc.

Jenkins OSS LTS 1.409.1

New Features


Resolved issues

Minor JENKINS-8929

Deadlock when upstream and downstream jobs are blocked on each other (issue 8929)

Minor JENKINS-9017

sporadic : ClassCastException for Maven Pom parsing phase on node (issue 9017)

Minor JENKINS-8914

Jenkins 1.399: java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file using JmDNS 3.4.0 (issue 8914)

Minor JENKINS-9426

Raw HTML codes are displayed since 1.407 (issue 9426)

Minor JENKINS-9367

Access to api/json on second level view fails (issue 9367)

Minor JENKINS-8866

NULLPOINTER exception on build 1.395 when saving configuration (issue 8866)

Minor JENKINS-7871

" Bad file descriptor" when file copied from slave (issue 7871)

Minor JENKINS-8968

Block when Downstream breaks Block when Upstream (issue 8968)

Minor JENKINS-9094

Remember me box doesn't work with unix groups (issue 9094)

Known issues