CloudBees, Inc.

External Notification Plugin 1.1

New Features


Add support for a number of new webhook message types:

  • Docker Hub
  • BitBucket Server
  • BitBucket Cloud
  • Custom JSON without HMAC signatures

Additionally, there are a number of new security and usability enhancements

  • Optional 'secret' as a URL query parameter and validate when webhook notifications arrive
  • Replaced HTTP/401 (Unauthorized) usages with HTTP/403 (Forbidden)
  • Show short message in HTTP Response && detailed message internally
  • Add request validation to ensure that incoming events havea mime-type of application/json, and show a helpful error message if they don't
  • Renamed HmacSecuredJsonMessageHandler to CustomJsonMessageHandler
  • Improved Webhook Endpoint Details dialog which allows copy/paste selection

Resolved issues


Known issues


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