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New Features

Minor Added Kaniko Docker instructions

Kaniko is a utility that creates container images from a Dockerfile. The image is created inside a container or Kubernetes cluster, which allows users to develop Docker images without using Docker or requiring a privileged container.

Resolved issues

Minor HTTP clients could leak

Shared Agents could reach the maximum number of connections, causing instabilities. This has been fixed.

Minor EKS/AWS instructions updated

The EKS/AWS instructions for External Agents were incomplete, and have been updated to reflect current best practices.

Minor Validate that EFS works with S3

Validated that EFS works with S3, and updated plugin documentation to recommend that customers use the S3 plugin with EFS.

Minor Remove findbugs libraries from Operations Center

Operations Center referred to several findbugs libraries, and these references have been removed.

Minor Pipelines didn't recover from a GraphListener exception

If a GraphListener exception occurred, a Pipeline may not have properly recovered. This problem has been fixed.

Minor UI didn't show descriptions for returnStdout shell steps

In the Blue Ocean UI, when you had a shell step with either returnStdout or returnStatus being "true", the step did not show a preview. This has been fixed.

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