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New Features

Minor TIGER-5102

Add official support for Kubernetes 1.9 and OpenShift 3.9

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-5168

[openshift] Host is now specified in the CJOC route.

Minor TIGER-5167

[openshift] Fixed an issue applying the tls settings to created routes.

Minor TIGER-5103

Fixed a NullPointerException thrown when accessing CJOC before injecting Castle info

Minor TIGER-5100

Fixed usage of credentials in Kubernetes Cluster endpoint

Minor TIGER-5060

Default Master java options can be specified directly in the CJE yaml manifest by adding an environment variable to the CJOC container configuration

Minor TIGER-5042

Fixed display of current storage class in master config screen

Minor TIGER-4680

Fixed edge cases of redirections http -> https to redirect as soon as possible.

Known issues


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