CloudBees, Inc.

Modern cloud platforms

New Features

Major TIGER-4938,TIGER-4937,TIGER-4979

Initial support for provisioning master in their own Kubernetes namespace. Support provided for OpenShift, AKS, EKS, and GKE.

Major TIGER-4908

New tooling to help simplify and better support CJE 1 migrations to CloudBees Core on Modern Platforms.

Minor TIGER-4807

It is now possible to specify additional attributes to decorate generated Kubernetes items through YAML, directly in the master configuration.

Minor TIGER-4919

Updated YAML file to 'cloudbees-core.yml' to reflect the new CloudBees Core on Modern Platform name.

Minor TIGER-4877

Improved autodetection of Kubernetes Master URL. This fixes compatibility issues with various Kubernetes distributions.

Resolved issues

Major TIGER-5033

Upgraded CJE and CloudBees Core on Modern Platforms Docker image to Alpine 3.8

Major TIGER-4984

CJOC and Managed Master docker images are now using OpenJDK 1.8.0_171.

Minor TIGER-4958

When using the _Allow external agents _ option in a master, the generated NodePort service is now persisted across master restarts in order to keep the same port.

Minor TIGER-4903

It is no longer required to include slave.jar in docker images used for dockerized build agents.

Minor TIGER-4400

A broken URL for the CJOC upgrade documentation replaced with a landing page for CJE 1 administration guide, CJE 1 upgrade documentation and CloudBees Core on Modern Platforms documentation.

Known issues


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