CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Advisor Plugin 2.2

New Features

Major JARVIS-476

Remove the CloudBees Licensing requirement to allow CloudBees Jenkins Support subscribers to use it with Jenkins OSS LTS instances

Major JARVIS-431

New CC configuration field allows to send the Advisor report to several recipients.

Minor JARVIS-406

The test button is now sending a test email to validate that the communication between the Jenkins instance, the Advisor Server and the recipient email is fine.

Minor JARVIS-405

Display the information about the last bundle upload status in the Advisor configuration page

Minor JARVIS-157

Add an initial delay (5minutes by default) for the first bundle generation/submission to Advisor Server after the jenkins instance startup (to prevent to overload the instance when it is starting). The delay can be modified with -Dcom.cloudbees.jenkins.plugins.advisor.BundleUpload.initialDelayMinutes=60.

Resolved issues


Known issues

Minor JARVIS-598 - After configuring Advisor the user is getting stuck

If after saving the Advisor configuration you reach a url with a message "Cannot find success page to redirect to. Please use your browser back button." you can just discard it and use your browser back button to come back to your instance (The configuration was correctly saved).

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