CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise New User Experience 1.2.6

New Features

Minor CJP-7684

CLI to manage the team environment variables.

Resolved issues

Minor CJP-8629

Security configuration page fix to exclude not applicable strategies.

Minor CJP-7405

The default security settings performed by the Setup Wizard were not run. See <insert a link to a web page with advisory here> for details and mediation needed to secure existing teams.

Minor CJP-8653

In case that you are a user with no rights to create a team, you will now be able to easier switch to the classic view.

Minor CJP-8606

There had been a problem with the graphical display of long usernames, which is now fixed by trimming the name.

Minor CJP-8602

Improving the loading experience.

Minor CJP-8596

Making sure only one link to the new user experience is shown in the classic UI.

Minor CJP-8538

Adding hover style on tabs to show that you are highlighting them.

Minor CJP-8579

Internal changes to streamline development.

Minor CJP-8478

Fix log spam during Team masters creation (a warning message was printed to logs without any further impact).

Minor CJP-8537

Exclude tab for the environment variables in case the user does not has the permission to see it.

Minor CJP-8327

Avoid exposing useless REST services in Masters

Known issues


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