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New Features

Minor Release Notes

Upgraded Jenkins OSS LTS from 2.107.1-cb-3 to 2.107.2-cb-1

Minor Release Notes

Upgraded CloudBees Folders Plugin from 6.3 to 6.4

Minor Release Notes

Upgraded CloudBees Support Plugin from 3.15 to 3.17

Minor Release Notes

Upgraded Mailer Plugin from 1.20 to 1.21

Minor Release Notes

Upgraded Metrics Plugin from to

Minor Release Notes

Upgraded Monitoring Plugin from 1.67.0 to 1.71.0

Minor CJP-7526 CloudBees Support Plugin 3.17

Add an administrative monitor that warns when the file system which stores Jenkins configuration is performing poorly

Minor JENKINS-49565 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Update Apache Mina SSHD Core from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0 in CLI client.

Minor JENKINS-49737 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Update Executable War from 1.37 to 1.38 to show an error when an attempt is made to run Jenkins on Java 9.

Minor JENKINS-3471 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Always show the master node in the executors widget, even when it is offline.

Minor JENKINS-30909 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Periodically persist the build queue so it can be restored on abnormal process termination.

Minor JENKINS-50056 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Reduce memory footprint of jenkins.model.lazy.AbstractLazyLoadRunMap#search in descending order.

Minor JENKINS-49788 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Add ConcurrentLinkedQueue to white-listed classes for use in XStream (XML serialization) and Remoting (agent communication).

Minor JENKINS-49795 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Clean up the build.xml files of parameterized projects that contained unnecessary serialized data.

Minor JENKINS-39495 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Improve robustness in case a build with parameters was stored with a null list of parameters.

Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-48821 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Display estimated remaining time again for Pipeline jobs.

Minor JENKINS-50237 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

JEP-200: Whitelist to prevent deserialization exception when listing agent files in non-existent directory or invalid filter.

Minor JENKINS-50124 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Restore serialVersionUID of AbstractTaskListener.

Minor JENKINS-49971 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Prevent FileNotFoundException in hudson.Util#loadFile in case of race condition.

Minor JENKINS-49642 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Make proxy views work inside folders.

Minor JENKINS-49596 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Upgrade Winstone from 4.1.0 to 4.1.2 to prevent User session memory leak by setting the default idle session eviction timeout to 30 minutes.

Minor JENKINS-49498 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Fix translation of 'sign up' in Dutch, used to be 'sign in'.

Minor JENKINS-29470 Jenkins OSS LTS 2.107.2-cb-1

Prevent NullPointerException in AbstractProject#checkout when the agent disconnects during a build.

Known issues

Minor JARVIS-598 - After configuring Advisor the user is getting stuck CloudBees Jenkins Advisor Plugin 2.0

If after saving the Advisor configuration you reach a url with a message "Cannot find success page to redirect to. Please use your browser back button." you can just discard it and use your browser back button to come back to your instance (The configuration was correctly saved).

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