CloudBees, Inc.

Palace Cloud Plugin 1.3.3

New Features

Major TIGER-2063

Add support for One-shot provisioning instead of Cloud API

Minor TIGER-1841

Display actions for Docker Slave Templates.

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-2136

[TIGER-2136] Inherit from JNLPLauncher instead of OneShotComputerLauncher as it is now mandatory for successful JNLP connection

Minor TIGER-2049

Change support of environment variables to use docker container rather than Jenkins properties. Requires Palace 1.3 (included in PSE 1.5.1)

Known issues


This version requires Palace 1.3 which is included in PSE 1.5.1. It is not recommended to install this version on prior versions of PSE.

Minor TIGER-2148

Jobs launched with one-shot api can get stuck. We recommend you to skip this version and install 1.3.4

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