CloudBees, Inc.

Master Provisioning 2.2.0

New Features

Major TIGER-4807

It is now possible to add custom YAML fragments to generated Kubernetes items. This allows usage of Kubernetes features that are not supported through the UI.

Minor TIGER-4938

Set OpenShift route default host path. This makes the behaviour on OpenShift consistent with what is in Kubernetes, as well as making the product compatible with usage across several OpenShift projects.

Minor TIGER-4937

Allow to specify a namespace when provisioning a master


The default service account name (jenkins by default) can be overridden by passing -Dcom.cloudbees.masterprovisioning.kubernetes.KubernetesMasterProvisioning.serviceAccount=user in Operations Center java options.

Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-4958

Keep the external agent NodePort service when stopping the master. This enables keeping the same port over restart, which prevents having to reconfigure load balancers.

Known issues


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