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Master Provisioning 2.1.4

New Features


Resolved issues

Minor TIGER-3983

A custom storage class name can now be specified to provision Managed Masters, instead of relying on the default storage class available in the Kubernetes cluster

Minor TIGER-4098

Simplified the Managed Master lifecycle: start/stop/restart. Operations Center will never delete an existing volume

Minor TIGER-4406

Fix compatibility with recent nginx-ingress controller by adding a new set of annotations with the updated namespace

Minor TIGER-4228

Jenkins command line arguments can be specified in the Managed Master configuration

Minor TIGER-4214

Fixed a NoSuchElementException displayed in the logs, preventing the provisioning status from being displayed in the master manage screen

Minor TIGER-4379

Fix some cases where master state would not be correctly computed after a Operations Center restart or upgrade, preventing the master from reconnecting

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