CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Template Plugin 4.16

New Features

Minor RM-2053

Display template links in sidebar, which works also for templatized folders and workflows.

Resolved issues

Major RM-2713

Rethrow any exception as a Failure, so it gets printed without stack trace even when the Stack Trace Suppression plugin is active.

Major RM-1496

Unchecked exceptions were not getting caught by EntityModel.reconfigureInstances and logged properly.

Major RM-2774

EntityInstance.from may be temporarily null during


When reloading promotions, be sure to load settings from disk.


Catch even runtime exceptions when resaving children of a folder template. Also set a proper thread name so we can see in thread dumps what is going on.


Serialize instances using a sorted list of attributes.


No need to use temporary files during; these would get left behind after errors anyway.


Making some code more robust in the face of malformed data.

Known issues

Major RM-1496

Exceptions from template transformers are still not displayed in an appropriate place in the UI. The improvement in this release is merely to make sure they are sent to a logger Jenkins can record, so that an administrator could find them.


EntityInstance.produce methods removed from the API.