CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Client Master 1.609.1.1

New Features


Added CloudBees Amazon Web Services plugins.

Major Docs

Added CloudBees Docker Traceability plugin which allows teams to report the deployment of Docker containers and trace which builds produced and tested those docker containers.

Major Docs

Added CloudBees Docker Hub Notification plugin which allows you to configure jobs to be configured whenever a docker image is published on Docker Hub.


Most bundled plugins updated. See individual components for details.


Upgraded Jenkins to the 1.609.1 LTS release.

Major Docs

Added the CloudBees Docker Build Publish plugin which enables you to build and publish Docker containers from Jenkins.

Major Docs

Added the CloudBees Docker Workflow plugin which provides Jenkins Workflow steps for building, testing, and publishing Docker containers.


New license manager provides an easier-to-use license and evaluation experience and supports new plugin tiers.

Resolved issues


Known issues

Major CJE-2223

When installing a evaluation license, some bundled plugins require a restart after activation, but this is not enforced.

Minor CJE-2265

Cannot open a running stage in the workflow stage view.

Minor CJE-2267

NoSuchMethodError in logs when reporting Docker deployment.

Minor CJE-2086

CloudBees Free Plugin banner partially hidden and unusable.

Minor CJE-2195

HA may fail on IPv6 only machines.

Minor CJE-2276

Monitoring alerts not loading "Average" field correctly.

Minor CJE-2145

Nodes Plus Plugin requires a restart after installation for all features to work.

Minor CJE-2204

Occasional SIGBUS from in HA failover.

Minor CJE-2206

NPE in Docker Workflow during the job termination.

Minor CJOC-599

RPM installer violates Linux packaging guidelines.

Minor CJE-2067

In Role Details page, Permission Name and Granted Columns overlap.

Minor CJE-2091

“RuntimeException: Failed to pull docker image for bad registry creds” on Docker Pull build step.

Minor CJE-2179

Docker Workflow: missing container termination failure messages in build logs.

Minor CJOC-601

Restarting CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center may not work after installing new plugins on Windows.

Minor CJE-2167

View does not refresh when restarting with plugin upgrade from the Mac OS X installer.

Minor CJE-2205

The Docker Build and Publish plugin does not support Docker tool definitions.

Minor CJE-2180

Docker Workflow: sh steps inside the Docker image can hang if the workspace is not writable, typically because the Docker server is not on the local host, rather than reporting a proper error message.

Minor JENKINS-28840

Deadlock between Queue.maintain and Executor.interrupt which can happen if a build is interrupted at the same time the queue is being maintained.

Minor CJE-2258

Last complete Promotion Icon missing or broken

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