CloudBees, Inc.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Client Master 1.466.10.1

New Features

Major Docs

Introduced Plugin Usage Plugin

Major Docs

Introduced Folders Plus Plugin

Resolved issues

Major JENKINS-15226

Log recorders do not work reliably.

Major JENKINS-7214

FilePath.validateAntFileMask too slow for /configure.

Major JENKINS-15494

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'firstChild' of null

Major JENKINS-15382

Memory exhaustion parsing large test stdio from Surefire.

Major JENKINS-15277

Check view permissions before showing config page

Major JENKINS-13735

Jenkins started wrong slave for job restricted to specific one. Added test whether the currently checked slave computer actually can take the buildable item before flagging it as needed (avoids powering up and connecting to slaves for jobs they can't build).

Major JENKINS-13202

When archiving artifacts, if the platform cannot read symlinks, fall back to visiting them as plain files or directories rather than failing the build. Also fixed a regression in untar on exotic platforms: fall back in non-JNA case wasn't working.


Security fixes (SECURITY-43, SECURITY-44, SECURITY-45).

Major JENKINS-13336

Invalid JSON is produced during remote api operations when a changeSet contains duplicate keys.

Major JENKINS-15493

Excessive memory usage with large number of request threads

Known issues


Jenkins Enterprise is supported on Java 6+. Plugins like High Availability, VMWare and Backup require Java 6 or 7 and will not run on Java 5.

Minor RM-1546

Cannot install from MSI on Win 2012 w/o .NET 3.5. Install .Net 3.5 to install Jenkins Enterprise on Windows 2012.

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