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CloudBees Jenkins Team is the CloudBees Jenkins Distribution with curated, verified integrations and expert support, for organizations in need of a reliable continuous delivery solution

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Jenkins LTS 2.73.2-cb-1


CloudBees Docker Traceability 1.2

GitHub Organization Folder Plugin 1.6

Icon Shim Plugin 2.0.3

Blue Ocean 1.1.7

Autofavorite for Blue Ocean 1.0.0

Common API for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

Config API for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

Dashboard for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

Display URL for Blue Ocean 2.1.0

Events API for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

Git Pipeline for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

GitHub Pipeline for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

i18n for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

JWT for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

Personalization for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

Pipeline implementation for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

Blue Ocean Pipeline Editor 0.2.0

Pipeline SCM API for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

REST API for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

REST Implementation for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

Web for Blue Ocean 1.1.7

bouncycastle API Plugin 2.16.1

Branch API Plugin 2.0.10

Beekeeper Upgrade Assistant Plugin

Bitbucket Branch Source Plugin 2.1.2

CloudBees Blue Ocean Default Theme 0.2

CloudBees License Manager 9.14

CloudBees Support Plugin 3.10

Copy Artifact Plugin 1.38.1

Credentials Binding Plugin 1.12

Display URL API 2.0

Docker Commons Plugin 1.8

Docker Pipeline 1.12

Durable Task Plugin 1.14

Email Extension Plugin 2.57.2

Favorite 2.3.0

Jenkins Git plugin 3.3.2

Jenkins Git client plugin 2.5.0

GitHub plugin 1.27.0

GitHub API Plugin 1.85.1

GitHub Branch Source Plugin 2.0.8

LDAP Plugin 1.15

Matrix Authorization Strategy Plugin 1.6

Maven Integration plugin 2.17.1-cb-1

Jenkins Mercurial plugin 1.61

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise License Entitlement Check 8.6

Pipeline Graph Analysis Plugin 1.4

Pipeline: Model API 1.1.6

Pipeline: Declarative 1.1.6

Pipeline: Declarative Extension Points API 1.1.6

Pipeline: REST API Plugin 2.8

Pipeline: Stage Tags Metadata 1.1.6

Pipeline: Stage View Plugin 2.8

Jenkins promoted builds plugin 2.29

SCM API Plugin 2.1.1

Script Security Plugin 1.33

Secure Requester Whitelist Plugin 1.1

Support Core Plugin 2.41

Pipeline: API 2.20

Pipeline: Basic Steps 2.5

Pipeline: Groovy 2.39

Pipeline: Nodes and Processes 2.15

Pipeline: Job 2.12.2

Pipeline: Step API 2.11

Pipeline: Supporting APIs 2.14